Temple Run Cheat

Temple Run Cheat

Welcome to CrackMania.org. This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Temple Run Cheat. This Cheat allows you to add how many coins you want to your Temple Run game. Temple Run Cheat is compatible for iPhone, iPad (for all iOS versions) and Android devices (for all Android versions). You can also download this cheat on PC and after that you can move it on the device you want.


Today we will show how this cheat looks on an iPad.

1. First, download Temple Run Cheat (for iOS CLICK HERE, for Android CLICK HERE).

2. After you download the cheat, install the application. It will look like this:

temple run cheat icon

3. The game must be closed so the cheat could work.

4. After this, start the application. It should look like this.

temple run cheat

5. Now you can choose how many coins you want to add to your game then click on the “ADD” button. The coins will be added immediately.

Download Temple Run Cheat for iOS




Download Temple Run Cheat for Android